I Like My New Apartment Better

I looked at the website for an apartment complex not far from where my new job is. I thought I would just stay where I was, but the drive every day was getting to be too much of a chore for me. I figured I could either keep doing it and grow even more frustrated, or I could find a place that is closer to where I work. Logic won, so I started looking for a closer apartment. I didn’t need anything bigger than a one bedroom unit, but I did not want a small apartment.

My former one was a studio apartment. While it did work for me, I also knew that I would never get another studio apartment for the rest of my life. I wanted something bigger, much bigger. I wanted to have my bookcases in the living room. I wanted to have a desk too along with a filing cabinet. I still did not want a second bedroom for this. I figured if I could find a nice enough one bedroom unit, I could just use the dining room for all this extra stuff. I need a home office a lot more than I need a dining room.

When I looked at the floor plans at Spectrum, I was really happy with what I saw there. There were a lot of different floor plans for the one bedroom units. I really like the floor plan of the unit I have now. The master bedroom is at one end, and the bath can be accessed either through my room or through a hallway that leads to the laundry closet. There is a large dining room for my desk and books, and there is also a covered patio. I was expecting to move into a closer place for convenience, but it turns out that I like my new apartment so much better than the one I had too!