I Cannot Stop Smiling Now

I was embarrassed over my smile, so I just never did. Even if something was really funny, I would not open my mouth to laugh. If I did, I would immediately cover my mouth with my hand. Yes, it was awkward, but it was better than having people stare at my teeth. I decided last year that I was tired of living that way. I enjoy life way too much, and I was tired of looking like I was grumpy all the time. I did a search for cosmetic dentistry for Aurora on my computer to see which dentist I could see.

I had not been to a dentist in a long time. When I had gone in the past, it was always to one of those commercial ones where you are treated like a number. I knew that I did not want to go there to have any work done. Instead, I went to a dental office not far from where I work. I had seen their website and liked what I saw, plus I really liked the testimonials that I saw too. I could tell how genuine people were in their appreciation of the two dentists there.

I scheduled my appointment and nearly cancelled it a couple of times because I was really embarrassed that I had let my teeth get to the point where they were. I am so glad that I did not cancel though. The dentist was not judgmental at all. He was actually quite the opposite. He was happy that I wanted to change, and he came up with a plan that would give me a great smile. It took several visits and a few different procedures, but now I cannot stop smiling. I spent so long hiding it that I have a lot of time to make up for now!