My Girl Wants to Model

In fact she has been doing some work in this field for longer than I have known her. When she was in her early teens her mother met this photographer who got her some modeling work in catalogs and later on in web pages that sold stuff. Right now she is getting more serious about it and she has started looking for the top dentists in Denver for cosmetic dentistry. If you think about all of the ads you see in magazines, in web pages and on TV, then you realize that all of the models have a perfect smile. It is like a qualification for the job now. In fact it does not really matter if you are a man or a woman. You have to have the perfect smile or you are not going to see anything in the way of work. She is actually looking at work as a fitness model.

There is actually a lot of work in this sort of thing and she claims that I should be trying to get some of it. The thing is that you have to look good with your shirt off, which I suppose that I do. Of course I stay in good shape playing basketball and running, so it is not like I have to do anything extra for that. I do not think that I am all that great looking, although it is not like I think that I am ugly either. It is certainly true that my teeth are nothing like the models I have seen. All of them have a freakishly bright smile and I just have normal looking teeth. Of course that is very expensive and it makes no sense if you are not going to be an actor or a model and I am not sure that is a good idea for me.