I Am Getting Ready for Football Season

I am looking at how to get a little bigger and still stay as quick as I will need to be. The coach is telling me about how they are going to need me to step up, because we had a whole lot of guys graduate last year. In fact we had four guys on our defense go on to play football in college. Right now I am looking at this place that does youth speed and agility training in Denver. Of course my mom and dad are not so keen to pay for this sort of thing and so I am looking at how much of it can be done on your own. In fact all of it is stuff you could do, but you have to know what it is that is going to make the most sense for you to spend the limited amount of time that you have on.

I have been working on the things that I know will help you to get quicker, running agility exercises in my backyard and in the park down the street. I am not really sure what will have the effect. Of course I am really wondering how to both work out really hard and gain weight at the same time. They think that I am going to be a linebacker next year, but of course a linebacker takes a lot of collisions and that means that it is going to be a lot better if you are as big and as strong as the people who are colliding with you. This is the sort of thing I do not need to talk to my mother about, because she already worries way too much. If you are a receiver like I was last year, then often the play has little to do with you.