I Have Really Gotten Lucky

I could probably not complain too much about my life of late, since I have snagged the sort of girlfriend that really makes my life about a hundred percent easier. If you asked me what she did I could not tell you, although some times she does go to class at UNLV, which is where I met her. She wanted a tutor in a math class, which worked out well for me. If you click here you can see where she lives, and where I am currently freeloading for as long as it last. I do not think that it is going to be permanent, the girl is clearly looking to have a good time and she does not take me seriously at all. That is great with me, I like to have fun as much as anyone and it is a lot easier with money in my pocket from not having to pay rent.

This is a really nice apartment complex, they have a lot of nice community amenities and I spend a good bit of my time relaxing at the resort-style swimming pool. There are a lot of other girls here and I have met some of them. You can really get a good workout in the fitness center, and I do that when I can fit it my schedule. The other night we went to see a movie in the apartment complex’s theater which actually has stadium seating. I was really surprised by that, but obviously they do not have the latest movies there, that would not be too practical I suppose. At any rate I have been really enjoying this, especially since I have no illusions about it lasting forever. I have been trying to save up most of the money I am not spending on rent.